Software Engineering

Software Engineering: Software engineering and applications development

Zachary Piper Solutions designs, develops, documents, tests, integrates and implements custom software modules and solutions focused on intelligence and information-security applications. These services range from firmware development to web-based portal development for network operations centers. Our current and past performance spans real-time sensor control, mobile security applications, data integration and correlation, communications management, cross-domain solutions, data ingestion, automated navigation systems and decision support systems.

QUICK SNAPSHOT Current and past performance includes

Software Engineering to design and build security applications for the Android software platform

Software Engineering utilizing the Hadoop Ecosystem to build storage and retrieval systems for massive video files

Software Engineering within an R&D environment focused on security enhancements for Hubs, Routers, Switches

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Our employees are focused on delivering essential cyber, information security, intelligence, data analytics, mobility and disaster recovery solutions to our customers throughout the national security community.

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